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Chessie members and friends pose for a picture at the Culpeper, Virginia, depot

Chessie members and friends pose for a picture at the Culpeper, Virginia, depot shortly after stepping off Amtrak's outbound Cardinal from Washington, DC, on March 16, 2008, during the CRA's annual observance of Saint Patrick's Day. After enjoying lunch, dessert and coffee at several establishments in town, the group caught the inbound Cardinal back to Washington that evening. Ray Saunders photo.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The CRA regrets to announce that long-time member and CRA director Elmer Sichert passed away on February 8, 2014. With his jovial demeanor and an ever-present smile, Elmer was a dear friend to all and will be greatly missed. Mark Piotrowski snapped this picture of Elmer aboard our ex-Wabash 2827 caboose on September 16, 2007 during the Joint Annual CRA/WS Picnic in Walkersville, MD, as Elmer was taking a ride down the tracks.

Our March 16, 2014 Saint Patrick's Day Caboose Hop over both the northern and southern divisions of the Walkersville Southern Railroad was filmed by Big Jim Video Productions. The trip included multiple photo stops and photo runbys, and when it was over we visited Eunice's Restaurant at the corner of Route 15 North and Biggs Ford Road for lunch, followed by a dessert consisting of a cake with an image of our ex-Wabash 2827 caboose.

NEXT MEETING: Saturday, August 30 at 12:30 p.m. at the Walkersville Community Park for the joint annual CRA/WSRR picnic.

FOLLOWING MEETING: Wednesday, October 1 at 8 p.m. in Room 213, Building CC, at Montgomery Community College in Rockville, MD, featuring Jay Creswell's coverage of the 2013 NRHS convention.